Since 1984, the Law Society of British Columbia has permitted lawyers to work with parties who have different interests in the outcome to a dispute,  provided those lawyers have taken specialized training and have entered into a written agreement with the clients which defines the lawyer’s role as a neutral mediator. I was in the first cohort of lawyers to receive mediation training and have been actively involved in mediation from the outset. I am a Law Society accredited Family Dispute Resolution Professional. 

I find this work the most rewarding of all the work I do because I believe it is of high value to both sides. For the right people, mediation is the most cost-effective way to complete the necessary work of reorganizing parenting and financing following separation.


While I have worked in every area of family law over the years, I no longer engage in major litigation. If the last resort of court becomes inevitable for my clients, I will work with them to find the right litigation professional. 

The bulk of my family law practice involves advising on, negotiating and drafting cohabitation, marriage and separation agreements.


The Family Law Act of British Columbia requires a court to consider the views of children where the court may be asked to make a decision which affects the child or children.

I am a member in good standing of the BC Hear the Child Society,, and occasionally interview children and report on their views. This is a non-evaluative process and my only role is to listen to and communicate the children’s views to their parents, their parents’ legal counsel and to the Court. I meet with the child or children on two occasions, firstly to explain my role to them and secondly to review the Report I have prepared and ensure that they are satisfied with what is being reported.


I provide estate planning services and planning for incapacity services. I regularly prepare Wills, Powers of Attorney and Representation Agreements. I also work with my client’s tax advisors to prepare Trusts. I represent Executors and Administrators of simple and complex estates. I understand the complications that often arise in estate administration and I bring a problem-solving attitude and approach to all my files.

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